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 Dr. Chet Muklewicz is a Pennsylvania licensed psychologist. He sees both adults and children in his private practice. Common issues include problems with anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD, general adjustment issues, and relationship problems, including couples problems and parent-child problems. He is a nationally recognized expert on child custody issues, as he has provided training to legal and mental health professionals throughout the United States. For almost 25 years, he has presented his Kids First class to over 25,000 parents and he has helped well over a thousand families in his private practice. Dr. Muklewicz is the author of Kids First Parenting Plan, Kids First: Children Coping with Parental Breakups & Family Conflict, & Taking the Conflict Out of Child Custody. 


My Personal History

 I have lived my whole life in Northeast Pennsylvania. I attended Riverside High School during the 60s and grew up in a blue-collar, working-class family. I enlisted in the Army and spent a year in Vietnam. My time in the Army was transformative for me. Afterward, I was inspired to continue my personal growth through education that culminated in a doctoral degree and post-doctorate training in family therapy. I enjoy classic rock 'n roll, the blues and jazz. I have discovered that working out is a wonderful balance in life, as I enjoy running, hiking, biking, golf, skiing, kite surfing, and snowshoeing. I am blessed with a wonderful family and good friends. I am committed to them. I find great purpose and satisfaction in helping others solve problems and discover a deeper sense of themselves. 


 - Licensed Psychologist - Family Therapist - Professional Training - Family Court Service Provider - Educator - Author 

Pennsylvania Licensed Psychologist:

 Provides psychotherapy to adults, children and adolescents in a private practice in Scranton, PA. 18 years. 


Former Director of Counseling, Professor of Psychology, and Vice-President & Academic Dean at Lackawanna College, Scranton, PA. 30 years. Adjunct Graduate School Lecturer in Counseling and Psychology at Marywood University. 10 years. 


Kids First: Children Coping With Divorce and Family Conflict; Kids First Parenting Plan: A child-care planning guide for separating & divorcing parents; Taking the Conflict Out of Child Custody; Series of Parent Divorce Education Handouts, Competitive Job-Finding Guide of Persons with Handicaps. 

Professional Trainer:

Provided professional development training to legal (lawyers, judges) and mental health professionals (psychologists, social workers, counselors) on issues of children of divorce and troubled teens throughout the United States. Professional Associations and contracted training. 15 years. 

Family Court Service Provider:

Developed the Kids First divorce parent education curriculum used in six counties in NE PA. Presented class to 25,000 parents. 23 yrs. Also, developed the Family Peace Program for Children & Youth Services and Juvenile Probation Office. 5 years. 

Academic Credentials:

Doctorate in Adult Education from Temple University; MA in Counseling & BS in Psychology from Marywood University: AS in Business from Lackawanna Jr. College; PA Licensed Psychologist; PA teacher certification; National Certified Counselor; Certified Mediator. Post-doctoral certificate (1yr Externship) in family therapy training at the Family Therapy Training Center of the Philadelphia Child Guidance Center, University of Pennsylvania.