Help For Single Parents


  • Adjustment Therapy - for anxiety, depression, or pre-existing condition exacerbated by stress of a family breakup 
  •  Coping Support & Guidance - dealing with high conflict parental relationship and custody Disputes
  • Parent Coaching - on ways to support children and make informed decisions on how best to proceed with family changes
  • Re-Partnering - child-centered support and guidance on introducing a new partner or helping the children cope with the introduction of new partner by the other parent


Help for Children


  • Children Coping with Parental Breakups- Coping with the adjustments of parental separation and divorce
  • Child-Centered Family Therapy – Children seen alone, separately with each parent, and jointly with both parents, if and when parents are working from a shared, cooperative perspective 
  • Individual Child Therapy-- Coping skills for anxiety, depression, ADHD, OCD, and behavioral problems at home or in school  


Co-Parenting Support

Parental Coaching with Cooperative Parents - Support and help in moving forward to make the transition from a single home family to a healthy two home family  


Help For High Conflict Parents

Co-Parent Counseling for High Conflict Parents - Court ordered family therapy to help high conflict parents keep their children out of the conflict and advance the well-being of children. Court reports often required. 


Parent-Child Relationships


  • Reunification Therapy - Reintroduction of a parent after extended absence. Can be court-ordered with required court reports.
  • Parental Coaching - Support and guidance in helping children adjust to the family changes and deal with emotional or behavioral problems of the children.


Support for Step Families


  • Parental Coaching - Child centered guidance to help parents anticipate challenges and opportunities as they consider forming step families with a partner. 
  • Child & Family Therapy - Adult-children relationship therapy and child-child relationship therapy as families join into a step family.